DataMate Connect 1.0

DataMate Connect 1.0



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DataMate Connect is a powerful and feature rich database exploration, manipulation and automation tool.With DataMate Connect, the user has the finest data exploration, manipulation and automation tool available. There are many many database tools available that are good database managers - but for their specific database type only. They do not connect to other database types which makes copying data between databases very difficult and usually involves a CSV export and import. Often these tools have no automation features and the import/export facilities are often difficult to use at best.

Scripting DataMate Connect

Automated scripts are the ideal tool for repetitive tasks. With DataMate Connect, you'll be able to script the exposed .NET object model to accomplish anything you might need to do. You can use anything from the entire .NET object model - a very powerful scripting language!

DataMate Connect is not meant to be a database manager. For database management, you are best off using the database manager tool which is specifically designed for that database. DataMate Connect is focused on data exploration, manipulation and automation. But DataMate Connect has other many other useful features as listed below.
Features and Functions Summary

* Multiple database connections at once.
* Easy Drag/Drop table copy - to the same database or to any other. For example, copy a table from a SQLite database to a SQL Server database with a simple drag/drop.
* Easy CSV data import and export facilities (using wizards).
* uperior Data grouping DataGrid component - easily group on any column, and any number of columns.
* Support for all major "enterprise" databases, e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
* Support for the "file-based" databases - SQLite and SQL Sever Compact Edition (CE).
* .NET object scripting - create scripts to do repetitive tasks.
*Connect to any OLEDB/ODBC remote database via webserver (either PHP or ASP).

System Requirements: 256MB RAM

Systems: WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Starter, Windows2003

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